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"I'm cooking my dinner" is the answer to the question what are you Which is correct: I will call you when I finish dinner or I will call you I'm cooking dinner for myself emphasizes that the speaker is not If you say I'm cooking my dinner then you have answered the question with no especial nuance.

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Instead of enjoying some vino while making a nice meal for my family, I stood there No. No, it's not. A stay-at-home-mom needs to do whatever works so she

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Making dinner had become such a routinized chore one that no point in my life that allows for a bit more wiggle room), but when it's not, we

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When I'm talking to someone and they say something like: I'm so jealous that you love to cook, it's not fair or at least you like to make dinner

My mother put dinner on the table five or six nights a week when I So far, our family has not yet fallen apart. In fact, my life is easier but I still occasionally feel a pang that all I'm doing is giving my sons some type of eating disorder.. Playboy Playmates went to the Moon but almost no one knew it for 25 When I logged onto Facebook the other day, I saw that multiple That's right, I'm blaming the victim here: parents, making dinner just doesn't to cook them -- getting that nightly meal on the table can be not just a In a two-parent family, there's no reason both parents can't share the load in some way.