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R. B. Schlather

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"A new production of the opera [Dr. Atomic] this month by the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia is more effective than all that I’ve seen before, due to the unusual direction by R. B. Schlather." —Opera Critic, March 2017

"In fact, though, it was as deeply moving and disturbing an opera performance as I’ve heard this season, thanks to a subtle but devastating staging by director R. B. Schlather." —New York Observer, August 2016

"Schlather’s eye for space and movement help retain the story’s foothold in myth…the opera is framed with restraint, and in ways that allow it to sound its own distinctive, mesmerizing voice." —Jeremy Eichler, Boston Globe, November 2015

"The open rehearsals would have been enough. But the final product was so winning — as touching and delightful as the very touching and delightful “Alcina,” if not more so — that it redoubled the gift Mr. Schlather has given the New York cultural scene." —Zachary Woolfe, New York Times, April 2015

"The staging but great physical demands on the singers, who climbed and crawled on, over, around and under the playing area. It is to Mr. Schlather’s immense credit that all this activity felt utterly organic. If there’s one word to sum up the whole ORLANDO experience, it’s “style.” Everything fit, everything worked together…opening the mind to the infinite possibility of performance." —James Jorden, New York Observer, May 2015


R. B. SCHLATHER is an American opera director based in New York City. Described in the New York Times as “having a gift for drawing out vivid performances,” and in the Frankfurter Allgemeine as “the future of opera,” Schlather has accomplished experience producing opera on national and international stages, creating new productions and remounting existing ones, directing in both traditional and alternative venues, and all repertoire from Baroque to Contemporary.

In the 2014 - 2015 season, Schlather made his international debut directing Sondra Radvanovsky and Tamara Wilson . . .

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